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100 Ways to De-Clutter Your Life

Have you ever felt like the 'things' in your life are taking over? Maybe it's time to re-evaluate what you need, what you want and what you can finally say goodbye to. Here's some ideas to help you get started.

Whenever I meet with a client thinking about selling their home, one of the first things we do is walk through the house and discuss de-cluttering as much as possible. I know many of us have recently watched the Netflix show, Marie Kondo, and have had a few good chuckles about it, so don’t yell at me when I say there is definitely something to be said for de-cluttering not only our homes, but our lives.

Most of us hold on to things because we're afraid. “What if I need it?” Or we are afraid something horrible will happen if we get rid of it…like our homes will collapse or something. I’m pretty sure we will all survive if we look around our own space and realize there are soooooo many things we won’t even realize are gone, once we actually cut the chord and get rid of the clutter invading our lives! I read a ton about minimalism lately and I swear if you read the list below, you can painlessly remove some items from your home and your life. Donate some, toss some and think about the old rule if you haven’t used it or touched it within the last 6 months to a year- then maybe it really is time to get rid of it. Ok-who’s with me?

1. Any furniture that doesn’t bring you joy…sorry couldn’t help myself!

2. The small shampoo bottles you know you take home from hotels and never actually use

3. Mismatched socks

4. Clothes that no longer fit (I keep my smaller sizes in hopes that I’ll one day wear them again- maybe I need to start following my own advice)

5. Pajamas you no longer wear

6. Old bras and undies (please don’t donate)

7. Old shoes

8. Mismatched jewelry

9. Jewelry you never wear, broken necklaces

10. Extra hand lotions

11. Old makeup brushes

12. Expired cosmetics

13. Old or expired beauty products, face washes, moisturizers, etc.

14. Hair tie elastics with no stretch left

15. Old combs or brushes

16. Old wallets

17. Broken hair clips

18. Old, expired or dried up nail polish

19. Dull nail files

20. Blankets or throws you don’t use

21. Old, torn and discolored towels

22. Facecloths you never use

23. Expired pills or medications

24. Paper files you no longer need and those expired receipts from all that shopping:)

25. Donate canned food you don’t use

26. Expired condiments

27. Extra salt and pepper shakers

28. Snacks you don’t like or eat that have been sitting in your snack cabinet

29. Promotional T-Shirts, cup holders, and other items you know you will never actually use

30. Appliances that you never use, like the old toaster in your garage from your very first home

31. Extra dishes that you don’t need or use

32. Chipped mugs or dishes

33. Old magazines you’ve already read

34. Unsharp and dull knives

35. Cookware you don’t need or have multiple of

36. Tupperware without lids- where do all the lids go? Are they with my mismatched socks somewhere laughing at me?

37. Dried flowers

38. Junk mail and old catalogues

39. The corks from your wine bottles you’ve been saving to make a craft project you and I both know you’ll never do (Maybe I’m pontificating here)

40. DVD's you no longer watch

41. Extra electrical cords, and all those chargers that you have no idea what to match with

42. Old or broken cordless phones, cell phones

43. Cookbooks you do not use (LMAO- I’m happy to share any of mine since I am embarrassed to admit I never use them but keep buying them with good intentions)

44. Coffee or teas you don’t drink now and probably never will

45. Dead batteries

46. Broken electronics

47. Bags and pocketbooks you no longer use, unless they are classics- always save the classics!

48. Spices you never use…I have 3 bottle of cilantro and never use any!

49. Old pillows- you know when it’s time! Or the pillows you used to decorate your first home that are still sitting in a box from your move

50. Broken kitchen utensils

51. Unused craft supplies

52. Old HS and college textbooks

53. Broken holiday decorations

54. Expired coupons

55. Old invitations

56. Used puzzles, pass em’ on

57. Cd’s you don’t listen to, and have already downloaded onto your smart phone and computer

58. Games you and your family no longer play or have outgrown

59. Duplicate take out menus- or get rid of them all together since you can look them up online

60. Stained T-Shirts- yes I know we all have our favorites, but maybe it’s time to pick a new fav

61. Old calendars or planners- guilty!

62. Ticket or concert stubs, some I still think I need as memorabilia, but others can def go (Like the 10 Bon Jovi stubs)

63. Unused office supplies

64. Old party favors from your child’s 1st birthday, now that he’s 15, it might be time

65. Chotchkies that have zero meaning

66. Credit cards to stores you hardly ever go to

67. Old paid bills-and definitely if its more than 7 years old, they gotta go!

68. Paper manuals that you can easily find online

69. Gifts you don’t like, don’t use and never will- just don’t re-gift- donate it!

70. Random jars or containers

71. Condiment packets, duck sauce, ketchup- you know who you are!

72. Rubber bands balls – how many rubber bands do you actually ever use?

73. Extra buttons

74. Rusty tools

75. Boxes, useless empty boxes and baskets

76. Travel brochures for places you've already visited

77. Old Computer programs or games, floppy discs anyone?

78. Extra tables, chairs or lamps that are not needed/used

79. Extra comforter sets from your first house 10 years ago? Bye!

80. Free weights collecting dust on your bedroom floor, you know who you are?

81. Old exercise equipment or sporting goods that no one has touched in 5 years

82. Old perfume or cologne bottles

83. Toys your kids haven’t touched in the last 6 months

84. Old picture frames that no longer match your décor

85. Old paint cans and dried brittle paint brushes

86. Donate books you’ve already read to your local library

87. Wine or booze you don’t drink

88. Old winter coats, snowsuits, hats, gloves, etc. that no longer fit anyone in your home

89. Candles with no wicks left-duh!

90. Belts that are outdated or don’t fit

91. Outdated suits and ties

92. Baseball hats you never wear

93. Pens, markers, crayons that are dried up or never used-time to let them go

94. All the shopping bags taking up space in your closet that you don’t use or need

95. Donate old evening gowns and dresses you will probably never wear again

96. Baby clothes you’ve been holding onto, but know you are not having anymore kiddos (this is a tough one, def save your favorites)

97. Old formula, baby food, diapers, breast pumps, etc.

98. Broken or old computers and keyboards

99. Broken or rusted outdoor furniture or moldy, discolored cushions

100. Anything and everything that you never use, probably will never use again, don’t need, don’t want and doesn’t make you smile anymore!

If you're thinking about selling your home and need help with de-cluttering ideas, reach out anytime to

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