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5 Reasons To Take Down Family Photos When Selling Your Home

It's not that I don't think your kids are cute and your family pics are beautiful, there is a real reason I tell my clients to take those gorgeous pics down when they are getting ready to sell their home.

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One of the first things I discuss with my clients who are getting ready to list their home is how we plan on "staging" it to sell. Staging means preparing the home to showcase the best of it. I tell every client I meet that taking down personal family photos is a must. Some don't like the idea, but when I explain my reasoning they totally get it. Some homes have no art or anything other than photos of the family so it's my job to be creative and come up with ways to showcase the home, minus the pics! Do you really want your buyers being distracted by analyzing your family photos rather than analyzing the actual home anyway? Of course not.

Think About Your Buyer!

Buyers will see your family and have a tough time seeing themselves living here. You want your buyer to imagine their children sitting in the kitchen doing homework and playing in the family room. Not yours.

Consider Your Listing Pictures

The home will be photographed for the listing that will be posted for all of the public to see. Do you really want anyone with access to the internet to know you have 2 adorable 6 year old twins with bright blue eyes? These family photos will also reveal more than you can imagine and I like to be cautious. Call me crazy, but do you really want the public to know who lives in your home? Maybe you're a single mom since not one photo had a man in it with you or that you have 6 kids all under the age of 8! Your listing is giving a map to your home, directions and pictures of bedrooms. I’m pretty sure you don’t post your address with every photo you post on Facebook and Instagram? Needless to say, when I talk about safety my clients move pretty quick to take those pictures down.

There are many reasons to take down and pack up family photos but here are my top 5. 

1. Distraction – Buyers will look and analyze your pictures to not only see if they know the people in the photos but make assumptions about how you'll be to deal with as a seller. I kid you not!

2. Neutralize – Buyers struggle seeing themselves living in the home when they are viewing your family.

3. Damage – Photos could accidently get damaged during an open house or showing. Sometimes 40 people (god willing) show up for an open and you don't want a photo getting knocked over destroyed.

4 Showcasing – Make room for staging art and accessories. Simple and elegant. Less is more!

5 Safety! – Don’t show the public who lives there and where they sleep!

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