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A Few Signs You're Working With a Kick- Ass Real Estate Agent

Not sure what to look for in a real estate agent? Here's some tips to help you determine if the agent you have in mind is going to kick some ass on your behalf!

Just like with any career, not all agents are created equal. The truth is, there are some really bad agents out there that give the Real Estate industry a really bad name. But the good news is, there are also some amazing agents that will go to the end of the earth to ensure you get to the closing table. If you’ve been through a real estate transaction you probably know what I mean. The differences in professionalism, knowledge, skills, etc. can be huge.

Here are a few ways you can determine whether or not you’ve found a kick ass agent or not:

1. They treat you like a celebrity...even though you’re not.

A great agent will give every single client the same amount of attention regardless of the size of the transaction. Whether you’re buying a mega-mansion or renting a tiny condo, your agent should be excited to work with you, be there for you and treat you like a celebrity no matter what your budget is! Remember, all real estate agents have a fiduciary duty to put their client’s interest before their own. Lets' face it, it's nice to be treated like a celeb too!

2. They are open and honest.

You know you’re working with a great agent if they’re telling you the truth—even when the news won’t make you happy. If your agent isn’t being upfront with you or is not providing information that is vitally important, run far away. If they are open and honest and point of the pros and cons, that’s a good sign that this is a person who values their own integrity, reputation and honesty above everything else. This is the type of agent you want to work with over and over and refer to everyone you know!

3. They communicate with you and explain the process clearly.

Real estate transactions can be confusing, tricky and sometimes overwhelming. A great agent will clearly explain each stage of the process clearly so that you’re not caught off guard and you’re totally informed. This is really important if you’re a first-time homebuyer or seller too. You want to feel secure, confident and informed and you should feel like your agent is part of “your team.”

4. They’re active on social media.

Top-notch agents are using social media to not only promote themselves and their business, but to also engage with their friends and followers by sharing useful information about the local real estate market, community events and so much more. They also use social media to stay engaged in their clients’ lives. Social media is a way for them to get to know you—and for you to get to know them beyond business. They are excited for you when you have a baby, get married, etc. They truly care about their clients long after the transaction is over too.

5. They’re a part of the local community.

Some of the best agents truly care about where they live too. You want to work with an agent who loves the community you plan to buy or sell in. I don’t mean just the town, but the County they serve. They should know about local events and volunteer at local schools and fundraisers too. So, if you see your agent out and about or simply sharing good times with their own family and friends in the community, that’s a good sign that they’re totally transparent and in this business for the right reasons.

If you’re lucky enough to be working with an agent with the above traits, share the love and tell everyone you know about them! The best agents live by referrals, so spread the word!

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