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Top 5 Hot Trends in Home Décor 2022

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

With the first day of spring approaching in less than 30 days and the unusually warm weather we have been privy to, it's a great time to get a head start on spring cleaning and considering some of the trends we are seeing in 2022. Even if you are not in the market to sell, this time of year gives us motivation as the seasons transition and an increased desire to change the environment and rethink certain elements of our homes. Here are some trends I have been following and loving!

1. Lighting Fixtures To Illuminate Your Style

A simple and affordable way to change the design of a room or living area is by replacing outdated fixtures. The bolder, the better, considering light fixtures have become a focal point in today’s home décor trends. The Spruce had experts weigh in on several options on how to incorporate these lighting changes and trends into your personal space. Personal preference and taste of course drive any decision in design.

2. Laminate Vinyl Plank Flooring Create A Fashionable Foundation

This one may be surprising if you have not updated your floors in some time and it’s natural for this to be perceived as a “downgrade” to traditional hardwood or tiling options. But, the reality is vinyl flooring is now one of the most commonly used flooring replacements for many reasons. There are a variety of design options that give the same rich look as tile and wood without the high price tag of product and labor. Not to mention it’s a superior product for durability and also water resistant which makes for a great option especially in high traffic areas and households that have young families and pets. In many cases it can even be applied over existing floors in a seamless way further reducing the financial investment and time required to make this long lasting change.

3. “Naked Windows” As A Design Feature

Having decision fatigue about updating your curtains and window treatments? The additional time indoors during the pandemic have many of us craving more sunlight and exposure to the outdoors. New construction is also seeing a push toward larger windows and lots of extra light sources in the home which is a trade off for privacy as homeowners consider removing their window coverings for more light and gives the feel of a more open space.

4. Black To The Future

It takes a bit of courage and creativity to consider adding darker colors throughout your home, but this year black is very in. Being as versatile and classic as black is, it easily adds contrast to wood and white walls in a simple yet bold way. Just a touch can be the right amount to accentuate any space. Who doesn’t love black?

5. Paint Trends That Inspire

2022 Colors of the Year range from subdued green like October Mist and Evergreen Fog to Very Peri, a lively periwinkle color.

According to color expert Annie Sloan, "paint trends will fall into two distinct camps this year: those who are seeking reassurance from nature and are choosing earthy, organic shades. Think olive greens, sandy neutrals and clay-toned terracotta shades. This kind of desert palette shade that always looks luxurious and comforting, whether on walls or textiles. On the other hand, lots of people are leaning towards the kind of vibrant, energizing and exciting hues, which were popular in the '50s."

Spruce It Up, Buttercup!

Spring cleaning, sprucing up your home and getting it ready to list does not have to be a costly and large investment of time. Following these trends will get you on the right track both personally feeling good about your home’s new look and in the eyes of potential home buyers. No matter which direction you go, the first step of organizing and decluttering gets you moving in the right direction for more change, functionality and creativity.

If you’d like more tips on home décor trends or staging, let’s connect. I’d love to share what I’m seeing as we head into Spring!

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