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How to Stay Sane During the Holidays

55 Tips to Help you Keep Calm and Enjoy the Holiday Season

I LOVE the holiday season. I LOVE entertaining, shopping and of course indulging! But I know so many people who stress out around the holidays and it breaks my heart. So here’s a list of stress free ideas, that will hopefully make you less stressed and better yet, make you smile and feel oh-so good!!

1.Volunteer (I promise it will make you feel so good about yourself)

2. Skip the china and use fancy disposable plates for your guests

3. Hire a cleaning crew just this one time

4. Get a mani and pedi

5.Better yet, get a massage to relax

6.Skip the stores, order online

7. Not sure what to buy a special person in your life- go for a gift card

8. Swap recipes with friends to try something new

9. Order holiday cards now so you don’t wait until the last minute

10. Order stamps online for those holiday cards

11. Get your make-up done at a department store counter before your holiday party, and definitely buy the lipstick

12. Wrap gifts as they arrive so you don’t have to do them all at once (just make sure you label them really good)

13. Wrap gifts for your kids in their own special wrapping paper so each kid has their own pile

14. Have a cookie swap party with your girlfriends

15. Don’t skip the gym and definitely indulge- it is the holidays!

16. Take a bath

17. Lounge around and watch a holiday movie with your family, ELF is one of our favs

18. Use a disposable tablecloth- trust me no one will care

19. Ask for help

20. Order in

21. Hire someone to help

22. Throw that oddly shaped gift in a bag with tissue paper

23. Wrap ribbon around napkins to instantly spruce up your table

24. Have your kids make cute seating cards

25. Breathe

26. Store bought desserts are ok!

27. Give kids gingerbread kits to work on- it will keep them busy for quite a while

28. Don’t say yes to every invitation if you’re feeling overwhelmed

29. Phone a friend

30. Ask friends and family to bring an app, side dish or dessert to your big gatherings

31. Buy a gift for them, then one for yourself

32. Don’t wear heels

33. If cutting down your own tree stresses you out-its ok to go fake

34. Shop with your best girlfriends

35. Don’t try to be Martha Stewart

36. Don’t stress about calories

37. Buy the dress

38. Set a budget and try to stick to it

39. Take a nap

40. Wear comfy clothes- no, not yoga pants, but a tight dress won’t do you any good either

41. Nosh before the bash so you’re not ravenous

42. Buy the person in line at the Starbucks drive through their drink-hopefully they’ll pass it on

43. Say thank you-often!

44. Donate clothes, toys or anything you never use

45. Take your kids shopping to pick out a gift for a child the same age and donate it to your favorite charity

46. Anything you can prep ahead- do it!

47. Turn all electronics off, play music and sit by the fire

48. Buy a gift box subscription for someone you love- so many choices now and it’s so easy to order

49. Go out to dinner instead of cooking

50. Shop on Etsy and help a small business

51. Get your hair done

52. Drive around with your kids to see some awesome x-mas light displays

53. Take a break from social media-after you read my blog of course!

54. Skip the ribbon and bows on your gifts-no one cares

55. Avoid anyone that makes you feel less special than you truly are!

Have a tip of your own? Please share!

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