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Make Your Small Closet More Glamorous

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my bags, my shoes and my wardrobe…when my clothes actually fit! But my point isn’t that I probably need to lose some weight, it’s that having a closet that feels like Neiman Marcus even with Target t-shirts hanging in it can make you feel like the queen of the world...and add value if you're trying to sell your home too!

Photo Cred: Closet Factory

And let’s face it, home shoppers look at closets! They look at size, functionality and how they too will fit all their own goodies. If there is one thing that can turn a potential buyer away from a home is a tiny master closet or not enough storage space. When a potential buyer falls in love with your amazing bedroom only to find out the closet is a mess, and looks too small, it could totally turn them off from making an offer on your home. While you may not be able to expand the size or square footage of the closet, here are some fun and easy things you can do to make that small closet look bigger and better than ever!

1. Marie Kondo that Baby

The Marie Kondo madness is all the rage today so of course my first tip is to declutter! If you haven’t worn it in a year- its time to say good bye! The good news is there are so many ways to donate, trade up and/or store some must have-must-save items in bins elsewhere. There are sites like Poshmark, Thred-up, etc. where you can send in bags of clothes and other goods and get paid for your stuff too. They have rules of course, but why not send it that Gucci bag you haven’t used since freshman year of college and get some moolah to use towards spicing up your closet…or maybe buy a new

2. Add Some Pizazz…or Paint and Light too!

Once you completely de-clutter and empty out the closet, try adding some fresh paint, in a nice bright white, nice new knobs on the drawers and maybe even a simple chandelier. Even huge closets can look small if they have dark walls and little to no lighting. Since most closets don’t have windows (and that’s usually a good thing so your clothes and bags won’t fade from sunlight) add a mirror to multiply the amount of light bouncing throughout the closet. You can add some crown molding, a small seat with storage inside, maybe an area rug and the room will look extra inviting.

3. It’s All About Organization

If you don’t want to spend money on a professional, that’s ok! Try a DIY closet system that is easily installed and can be purchased at your local Home Depot or Loews! Add some extra shelves and hooks which will help you stay organized. With a few minor tweaks it's amazing how much more you can store and actually fit into your closet without taking up as much space. Don;t forget the shoe racks too!

4. Show Off Your Favorites

I love when my closet is organized and I love walking in and seeing my favorite pieces. You’ve earned those beautiful pieces so display the things you love! I had a friend who is also a fashion stylist come over once and noticed I was using wire hangers and she nearly had a heart attack-so ever since I started investing in nice hangers (the 15 pack of velvet hangers from Home Goods is $9.99) I also say put those handbags/shoes you adore on your newly installed shelves too. You may want to hide your Chanel pumps during showings, but by displaying your favorites, sometimes it can help potential buyers picture their own favorite items in your closet. Keep it neat and organized, but show off the things you love most! Most of all, do it for yourself in whatever home you live in.

These tips to glam up your closet aren’t just for prepping to sell, they are for you and your everyday life. But, if you are ready for a home with a bigger closet, call me and we'll find you the walk-in of your dreams!

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