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New Year-New You Resolutions

Forget calorie counting and new gym memberships! Here's some easy changes you can make that will thoroughly enhance your life in 2019.

The New Year is fast approaching and if you’re anything like me you’re already thinking about all the things you’d like to change or see happen in your life in the New Year. I never really understood the resolution thing- why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to change who we are or get rid of bad habits only at New Years? I’m totally guilty of this myself. Truth be told-I can’t tell you how many gym memberships have expired in my lifetime….

So what if I told you, you can make some easy changes that will enhance your life- I’m not trying to preach here- but rather save you from quitting carbs or losing 20 lbs! Here’s a list my girlfriends and I put together with small changes that will have a big impact on your life in 2019!

1. Every night before bed write down what you need to accomplish tomorrow- stop staying up all night worrying.

2. Stretch for 5 minutes every morning and loosen up your body and get ready to slay the day.

3. Be a warrior-not a worrier- pick a favorite Mantra and repeat it every morning. “I got this!”

4. Avoid social media for one whole day a month-you can do it!!

5. Make time to do something you absolutely love-reading, yoga, blow out your hair!

6. Totally disconnect for an hour a day- sounds easier than it is!

7. Put a new inspirational quote on your desktop each week….it will inspire you!

8. Try and take one whole- long minute of silence each day in your favorite quiet place. Some call this meditation-lol

9. Say NO! If you’re a mom this is a toughie, but try to say ‘no’ more often. You are not superhuman!

10.De-clutter! Try to get rid of 5 items in your home at least once a month….kids toys that are never used, clothes that don’t fit, candles that don’t even light anymore- you get the point!

11.Take the items you just de-cluttered and donate to a charity or a person in need in your community- I promise this will make you feel good the rest of the day.

12.Stop procrastinating and do something you’ve been putting off. Just get it done! Then breathe!

13.Get outside. Breathe in some fresh air-even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Walk around the block. Park far away from the store and walk.

14.Ask for help. It’s ok. It takes a village so don’t be afraid to ask a spouse, friend or co worker to lend a hand.

15.Wake up at the same time every day and stick to it!

16.Try something new. Take a risk. Try the new pilates class. Talk to a stranger. Learn how to paint. Take a cooking class. Be Brave!

17. Pay it forward. Buy the guy in the car behind you at Starbucks his coffee. Help a mom in the supermarket who looks stressed out with two screaming kids. Do anything that’s kind and makes someone else feel good.

18.Instead of watching TV before bed, listen to a podcast or read a good book instead.

19. Go on a weekly date with your spouse or your girlfriends. Reconnect with each other. Recap the week and laugh about every single mishap that may have happened.

20.Divorce any negative people in your life. Who has time for that!

21. Watch Netflix and spend some time alone-with yourself-and enjoy it!

22.Forgive someone who made you feel bad. No one is perfect.

23.Forget anything that made you feel less than fabulous in 2018!

24.Stop saying you don’t have time, and find the time for the things that make you smile. You know you can find 30 minutes a day!

25.Listen to a motivational speaker online. Some Ted Talks are great to lift you up!

26. Redecorate a room that you can’t stand to walk into! You can totally do this on a small budget!

27. Spend a night every now and then with your family tech free- no cell phones, no TV’s, no computers. Play a board game together and really hear what your kids talk about!

28. Volunteer!

29. Sometimes all you need to do is Breathe! A few seconds of deep breathing heals way more than you can imagine.

30.Sleep! Don’t forego a good nights sleep. Or do what I do- take a nap if all else fails!

Have a good idea of your own to recharge your mind, body and soul in 2019-I’d love to learn from you too! Let me know what I’m missing.

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