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Salvaged and Repurposed Antique Finds

Ever wonder where to find and how to make your own fabulous repurposed antique displays? I share a few of my secrets in this blog. Let's call this Part One!

Image: Sweet Pea Home

For years I have been obsessed with everything Shabby Chic, Rustic, Salvaged, Antique and Repurposed. My parents were big antique lovers and collectors and I grew up going antiquing with them, and now I can’t get enough of it. I love to find unique pieces and find a new and interesting way to use something! I don’t buy expensive antiques, well not usually. For me it’s more about the hunt to find a great piece to add to one of my collections or come up with a new idea to repurpose something old.

Here’s some unique ways you can take something old and make it new again, adding an eclectic and unique look to your own home.

Old frameless mirrors! These mirrors are usually pretty hard to find these days, but are fabulous. They can make a small bathroom look much larger. I have a collection similar to the ones pictured in my powder room. I also love the idea of hanging them from chains and displaying your collection on a staircase, or leaning them against a wall on your fireplace mantle. The options are endless. I love these mirrors!

Images: Pinterest

My friends laugh at me because I have so many mirrors in my home, and it’s not because I love to look at myself all day.

Here’s another great idea for collecting old antique mirrors, go with the handhelds and display them proudly on a small wall in a powder room or small wall in your bedroom.

Image: Pinterest

Another favorite look is a mirror wall display. Frameless, gold frame or anything old usually looks good paired together. I personally love the way antique gold framed mirrors look together as a collage display on any wall.

Image: Pinterest

Old Drawers! Yes, you can use old antique drawers for so many things. I have two on my bathroom counter to hold some make-up and beauty products, and a larger one in my entryway with books stacked in it. You can use them for just about anything and they add some charm to just about any room. It’s a perfect storage option too.

Buy some old door pulls when your antiquing and glue them to the drawer to create a jewelry display! Stick some mason jars in one and use it to hold silverware when you’re entertaining. You can even turn the really large ones into small ottomans. So many ideas!!!

Images: Pinterest

Old Cabinet Doors! Find an awesome cabinet door and turn it into a serving tray! Keep your tray simple, or add some murals that you paint on yourself.

Image: Pinterest

You can usually find an antique dealer who only sells small knobs, drawer pulls, old door knobs and plates and even old keys. I usually stock up when I find this guy! On pretty door knob plates you can paint your house # and hang it in your entry outside.

Image: Pinterest

From the same dealer you can find some beautiful old doorknobs and door plates you can use as jewelry displays or fasten them to an old architectural piece of wood and use it as a coat/towel holder. I have both in my home.

Images: Pinterest

There are so many ideas and secrets I want to share! I could sit here and write for hours, but you’ll just have to check back for part 2 so I can share some more tips and tricks. But in the meantime, I wouldn't want to leave you hanging so here are some of my favorite places to shop for my little treasures. Oh, and I promise to share pics from my own home one of these days too!

The fantastic Rhinebeck Antique Emporium is located in Rhinebeck, NY. Every year in Rhinebeck, the Country Living Flea Market- the mecca of all flea markets, comes to town. This is my number one, top of the list, most favorite place in the world to be! I leave with a truck load of goodies every single time I visit!

One of my other personal favorites is a short drive away and is located at the Stormville, NY Airport Antique Show & Flea Market which offers six markets a year, each with more than 600 vendors!

Elephants Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT is open every Sunday! Lara Spencer filmed an episode of Flea Market Flip here too!

In Lambertville, NJ there is a plethora of options so it's hard to pick just one. It's only a little over an hour from Morris County, so it's definitely worth the trip one weekend.

Andover, NJ has some charming shops all within walking distance of each other. The Scranberry Coop is enormous and one of my favs.

Main Street in Chester is another nearby area with several cute shops to hunt through for your perfect salvaged or antique pieces. I can't pick just one.

Funtiques, Times Tin Cup, and the Main Street Antique Center are just a few of the great shops right here on Main Street in Boonton, NJ.

The Furniture Revival Studio in Denville is one of my new favorite places! The owner, Lisa, even has classes on how to re-paint your old pieces.

The Gypsy Farmhouse in Cedar Grove is an old farmhouse filled top to bottom with amazing pieces. They even have a barn out back with tables, dressers , etc. I have found so many great finds here!

Take a quick trip down the Garden State parkway to this wonderful slice of heaven- Recycled Relics and Antique Chic in Red Bank, NJ. There is no way you will leave empty handed.

Know any hidden gems of your own? I love finding new places!

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