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The Best Pinterest Home Trends for 2019

According to Pinterest users, these are the top home trends that are going to be hot for 2019.

Did you know there are approx. 250 million active Pinterest users per month. I admit, I’m one of them. I love fantasizing about all of the home projects I can do. and more importantly. I like to be in the know on what’s hot for home styles and décor. Well, I just found out that while all of the users (and me) are on Pinterest busy pinning and re-pinning all of our favorite design and inspirational photos, recipes, crafts we will never do and cakes we will never bake, Pinterest keeps track of what’s pinned the most. In fact, Pinterest just released a report breaking down the data of which Pinterest home trends are big in 2019.

According to Pinterest, they track and monitor pins for an “upward trajectory that they say holds steady for 6+ months.” 250 million people must be right, right? According to users, these are the top Pinterest home trends that are going to be hot for 2019.

1. Wallpaper is the New Paint

Searches for bold print wallpaper: +401%

If you’re bored of painting and painting patterns on your walls isn’t your thing, wallpaper in prints or tropical leaves and florals is the answer. The awesome part is, there are plenty of removable wallpaper options that make it possible to DIY your wall and remove it easily too. The prints for wallpaper options are endless.

2. Mustard Yellow is the “It” color for 2019

Searches for mustard yellow: +45%

Mustard yellow or sunflower yellow replaces last year’s favorite — sage green. Try adding a bold focal wall or add a some accent furniture pieces and some accessories in the color. I love this sofa!

3. Fireplace Obsession

Searches for contemporary fireplace: +763%

According to Pinterest, indoor and outdoor fireplaces are all the rage and “the more modern and sleek, the better.” If you agree, you’ll love the outdoor fire pit ideas and the best indoor electric fireplaces  you can find on Pinterest and bring to real life.

4. Fabric Walls

Searches for textile art: +1718%

Rugs, tapestries and other hanging fabrics are hot right now, and give a room that boho-chic look. The idea of upholstering your walls may sound strange, but if done appropriately it can look amazing. Who knew?

5. Painted Geometric Wall Patterns

Searches for geometric paint: +225%

I didnt even know this was a thing, but Pinterest users that are crafty and love a good DIY project have been obsessed with this idea. So my advice is, save your favorite geometric Pin, pick out your favorite colors, grab some painter’s tape and paint some geometric patterns on your wall to get in on this Pinterest hot home trend.

6. Tin-Spiration

Searches for tin interiors: +563%

According to the Pinterest home trends report, “From backsplashes to wallpaper, tin is in!” Stamped tin can work in almost any interior style including farmhouse, industrial, vintage or modern. You can even paint them to customize it further to match your color scheme. I used to think it was only for rustic style homes, but it’s definitely not.

7. Painted Floors

Searches for painted floor tiles: +1276%

There are so many cool stencils out there now that painting your tile floor is easier than ever. Forget messy, expensive demolition to replace those floors, just paint over your existing tile instead. It’s actually much faster, easier and cheaper. The mosaic-tile look is definitely part of the Pinterest home trends for the year.

8. Natural Swimming Pools

Searches for natural swimming pools +262%

Who hates the smell of chlorine? That feeling on your skin when you get out of the pool is YUCK! But since everyone loves to cool off in a pool, salt-water pools have been quickly replacing chlorine as the go-to choice for homeowners and is one of the Pinterest home trends for 2019. There’s so many amazing pool styles you can choose from too!

Photo Cred: Pinterest

It definitely looks like 2019 is the year of the wall! Wallpaper, painting shapes, hanging fabric-these are just a few of the ideas Pinterest fans are loving. Head over to my Pinterest page for other design ideas. I spend way to much time on here during my “down time.”

What do you think of the Pinterest home trends for 2019? Let us know and be sure to follow us on Pinterest.

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