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What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

Updated: May 14

If you could design your own dream home with no restrictions on cost, what would yours look like? What are your must haves?

Have you ever found yourself looking through home magazines, pictures on Instagram, and celebrity homes on various websites and sat there day dreaming about what your own dream house would look like? Well I do! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my home, but are there things I would change or add to it to make it even more fabulous? Abso-freakin-lutley! Especially if there was no financial boundary- look out!

So I thought I’d share some of the dreams I have when I fantasize about my next dream home. This was fun!

A Master Closet Straight from Vogue!

If you know me at all, the first thing I REALLLLLY want is a closet the size of a 3 car garage please. It would be so fancy and well designed that I’d be able to see every pair of shoes I own and a designated spot for my bags and belts. A few drawers in the island of this master closet for all my jewels would be nice too. I’d design it to look like an Hermes store in orange and brown and have huge slimming mirrors all around. A girl can dream, right?

A Mud Room!

I would give anything to have that special place for my kids to throw their backpacks, shoes, and coats when they walk in the door but I really don’t. I have a designated coat rack area, but not an entirely separate room for such things.

A Bigger Kitchen!

My husband would laugh and ask why I would need a bigger kitchen since I am far from a gourmet chef, in fact I cook very little. But, I do love to entertain and I always wish we had more room in the kitchen since that’s where everyone typically gathers. And while we are on the subject, I wish my kitchen had higher ceilings, and more natural light too! Oh, and a walk in pantry- let’s throw that in there too so we can store all the food I never cook-Why not?!

An at Home Gym!

I’d like a reformer for the pilates I never do, and a real weight bench for the weights I don’t lift. A few yoga mats for when my friends come over so we can sit on said yoga mats and drink wine. Maybe a Peloton or two. Seriously, I do feel like if I had a well designed space, I might actually get a workout or two, or three in during the week!

Laundry Room

I hate doing laundry! What human being actually enjoys this task? But I think if my laundry room was as fantastic as the rest of my dream house, I might actually want to spend more time in it. If I could fold, iron and steam all in one room, that would be a plus!

A Huge Master Shower!

Don’t think I’m getting kinky here. How many times do your kids want to shower with you? Do you fight for the water like I do? If I had a master shower with dual shower heads we could happily shower with our little ones and not have to freeze! It would be awesome!! Throw in an awesome soaking tub and I'm a happy girl!

High Ceilings with Rustic Beams

I love the way a home looks with high ceilings and rustic beams throughout. It’s a modern look with a rustic twist! It also makes any room look and feel more spacious and open. Sign me up. Bonus if you can add some big windows to add more natural light.

Outdoor Oasis

My backyard would be a dream. In one area, of my several acre property, would be a fully equipped built in kitchen and grill, not far from the build in pizza stone oven and wine fridge. There would be a fire pit area to roast marshmallows on the colder nights. On the hot days we can swim in our 20x40 pool with waterfalls, slides and a hot tub. Think of the parties I could host! Surround sound speakers, outdoor TV’s and even a mini movie theater under the stars. No need for a tennis court though- that’s just overkill…LOL

Teen Lounge/Game Room-Fully Soundproofed

Instead of just a playroom, I’d have a separate soundproofed teen lounge with big cozy couches and pillows so when my son yells at Fort Nite we can’t hear him! This could be good for family game nights and hangout time too! Let’s throw in some arcade games and pinball machines while we're at it!

What would your dream home have? Do tell!

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