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What You Shouldn’t Sweat When Looking for Your Dream Home

Don't let a few cosmetic eyesores ruin your chances of falling in love with the perfect home.

If you’re on the home-buying journey for the first time, you may have the image of the perfect home in mind. Every wall will have a color you love, the best flooring, and the perfect backyard. While there’s a chance you may find your dream house with everything already done to your liking, it is more likely that you’ll find a great house with a few exceptions. So where should you draw the line? Are there things you should ignore if the price and location are right? The answer is yes! There are some things you can ignore while home shopping if it means checking the rest of your boxes. Here are some of the things you can overlook if you are considering making an offer on a home that has the perfect location or layout.

WEIRD CARPET/WALLPAPER While it may be tempting to wait for a home with new carpet or freshly painted white walls, overlooking old carpet or vibrant wallpaper can help you get your otherwise dream-home. If a home isn't updated cosmetically it will reflect in the sale price, which means for a few dollars down the road you can get your dream home and make some minor improvements. Replacing the carpet or painting the walls doesn’t have to be a major expense for you.


You may walk into a house and see workout equipment next to a fridge, or a bed in a living room. Don’t let a room being used for something seemingly odd keep you from loving a house. It may be hard to picture your furniture somewhere, but use your imagination and give the room, and house, a chance. An exercise room today can easily be your kitchen next week! 


Some sellers choose not to remove personalized items before putting their house up for sale. It can be overwhelming to enter a home covered with photos of someone else’s family. While that may be the case, it is important to keep in mind that all of that personalization will be gone if you buy the home. Ignore what you can change, and just consider whether you can make the home your own.

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