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Your Dream Home NJ Supports The Sell a Home, Save a Child Nonprofit

When I was a TV producer, in my early years of production, many of the shows and topics I covered revolved around how to help others. I worked with many survivors and felt like I had a purpose. I felt like I was actually making a difference in people's lives.

Fast forward to today-Recently I came across an organization called ‘Sell a Home, Save a Child’ and let’s just say I got soooo excited to learn more. I spent hours researching them and then spoke to the founder of the organization. I was instantly sold! I signed up right away.

Their Mission: To change the lives of children trapped in poverty around the world by providing things like health care, safe drinking water, nutritious meals, tutoring, mentorship, psychological support, and more.

Children in countries such as Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua and more are being given opportunities they would never have without a little help from people like us. There are many different options and ways we can all give in order to help.

The best part is, I showed my 10 year old daughter what I was thinking about doing and she too got excited to help. In fact we decided to donate to help a child who is the same age as my daughter and started by writing her a letter. Her name is Sabrina and she is also 10 years old, but her life is very different from my daughters. She lives in a concrete building with no electricity, running water or bathrooms. She was abandoned by her father and has very little. My daughter fell in love with the idea of helping Sabrina and decided she was going to be her “new friend.” Not only was it a proud mommy moment but I suddenly felt like I found my “why.”

I’ve decided that I will now be donating a portion of every home I sell to the foundation to help a child in need.

The Real Estate industry is far from easy, but you meet so many wonderful people along the way. But now, it’s not only about selling homes, it’s also about literally helping to save a child’s life and give back. The weirdest part of all of this is that I suddenly feel so rejuvenated and excited to go sell more homes, work with more people and give back as much as I can. What an awesome feeling it is to know you can help change someone’s life- and it’s even better having my own sweet girl involved. I love the lesson she’s learning and I love that she cares as much as I do.

If you’d like to learn more or donate on your own - go for it!!! You can read more about this wonderful organization at

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