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Creating A Productive Atmosphere While You #STAYHOME

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

From home office ideas to staying sane and calm, here's some fun ways to enjoy your home work environment. Warning: You may never want to leave your house.

ME... In my home office, my sanctuary!

In countless homes across the world, there has been a major shift in working environments. Many went from an actual workplace to a home office, students included. If you're working from home and trying to manage your children being home and doing school work, like me, you may be at a loss when it comes to ensuring productivity. With a television across the room, a gaming computer nearby, a puppy to play with and no boss (except myself) or teacher hovering, distraction comes easily. 

I'm fortunate enough to have a home office dedicated to myself, because luckily I've always been able to do a lot of my job from just about anywhere. But now that my kids are being home schooled and I'm literally never going into my "workplace" a lot has changed in my house. I love having my own workspace so I figured I'd share some great tips that have worked for me and my family. I also scoured the internet for some awesome finds for those of you that need to decorate and get that home office started...or finished!

Here are some tips to create a space that enables productivity!

1. Light up your space!

Letting in as much natural light as possible to your at-home work space is the first step to making a better place to get things done. I read that your body works best with natural light because of circadian rhythms, which tell your brain to be awake and productive when natural light is around you. (Who knew!) Natural light will help you feel alert and the vitamin D you will get from opening those windows will help boost your immune system.

2. Add minimalist decor!

You don’t want to crowd your work space, but it is important to decorate your space in a way that you will enjoy. Having a clean, organized space with a few quirks that will make you smile - like a favorite photo or mirror.  Make sure any items you will need, like pens and highlighters, are within reach, so you are more motivated to stay put!

3. Make your work space only a work space.

It is important to train your brain to differentiate when it is time to work and when it is not. When we drive to work or school, it is natural for us to switch into ‘working’ mode, but when we work from home, it is hard to get into that mode. By only sitting in your work space when it is time to get things done, you will train your brain to be more productive when you are in that space.

4. Manage your cell phone use.

While you may need your phone to make work calls or check in with your teacher, it is important to set boundaries and stick to them. If you find yourself constantly wanting to scroll through social media instead of getting work done, try downloading an app that will limit your social media access each hour. If you don’t need your phone for work or school, try keeping it in a box across the room. (I need to take my own advice here)

Here's some office ideas that won't break the bank but may make your workspace more functional...or at least a fun environment that's all yours to work from.

How much fun is this Adam Priester Coral Pattern I Writing Desk? On Sale for $274.99 at Wayfair. You can decorate an entire room around this desk! Black accent wall, area rug with gold undertones, gold mirror on the wall....I can go on and on!

Another great find at Wayfair for the modern minimalist is this Eliana Desk on sale for $334.99.

For the Rustic farmhouse lover and someone with a bit more space, The Homelegance Factory Metal Frame Writing Desk, Rustic Brown is on Amazon for $398. Best news is you can have not delivered within days!

For a pop of color I'm loving the angelo:HOME Leon Mid-Century Desk from Overstock for only $206. Think of how much fun you can have decorating an office with this as your focal point. I have so many ideas for this one. Call me!

I personally have always loved the idea of a rustic wood dining table as my desk. In fact this is what I have at home and used to have in my NYC office when I worked in the TV industry. I'm able to fit as much or as little as I want on the desk and have so much extra room to work with.

I saw the Lynde Height Adjustable Desk on Wayfair and Joss and Main for $500 and LOVE it!

A home office is obviously more than just a desk. I can go nuts here, but I'll try to limit myself to just a few more office favs. For instance, how perfect is the Edgerton 2 or 3-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet from Joss and Main. $224 for the 2 drawer and $300 for the 3 drawer. I hate the look of your typical metal filing cabinets. With something like this you definitely up your game!

How pretty is the Mcnaughton 3-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet on Wayfair for $188? No one would ever think this is a filing cabinet!

Another beauty to up the ante on your home office, and deceiving for sure, is the Dawson 50.5" 3-Drawer File Cabinet from Pottery Barn for $1,199. A little pricey for a filing cabinet in my opinion, but I love it none the less!

If you need more space for storage in your office, then opt for a bookcase. How perfect is the

Cosmopolitan Scarlett Bookcase with Drawers from Macys, on sale for half price at $449! Oh the fun you can have decorating your room with this as your focal point...think white desk, lucite chair, gold mirror, etc.....

If you have a small space this beauty will fit perfectly! The Belham Living Neegan Bookcase from Hayneedle is $160 and would make any office look glam!

If you have lots of room in your new office, this Perigold Standard Bookcase by Hekman is only $1460! Fill a wall with this baby and store everything you possibly need. Fill the shelves with baskets and label them so you know where everything is! Then it will be pure perfection.

If you need ideas to help you get organized and decorate your own home office, or need a new home that has a home office, you know you can call me anytime!! xo


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