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For the Local Beer Enthusiasts - Morris County's Breweries are Open for Business

We all know what a wine enthusiast is, but with all of the new breweries popping up around the county in the last few years it’s obvious we have many beer enthusiasts as well. I'm pretty sue many of them are friends of mine. Our beer loving friends have always been here but with so many new “flavors” there’s so much more to love.


Most Breweries I've been to have a chill, casual vibe that always feels inviting. Most usually rotate their selections of what craft beers are on tap and which  IPA’s (India Pale Ale) are served as well. Every blend is a little different than the next and the alcohol % ranges as well. Many breweries have a BYOF policy, some serve food and some even have outdoor spaces where you can bring your kids and pets too. But make sure to check as each brewery is different.


I’m far from a craft beer, brewery, IPA expert but wanted to share some local spots that could probably use some love. I'm a just a local mom who loves to eat and have a beer every once in a while.

 Most micro breweries are family or friend owned small businesses that bring a unique “taste” to our communities so let’s hope they all stick around for our local beer lovers.

Whether you’re aware or not according to several news sources “Gov. Phil Murphy conditionally vetoed a bipartisan bill Monday that would have lifted a series of food and event restrictions on breweries and other craft alcohol manufacturers.”


More on the bill here:



Here’s a list of some favorites in and around Morris County….

Berkeley Heights, NJ

Chatham, NJ


Denville, NJ

Denville, NJ


Fairfield, NJ


Fairfield, NJ


Hackettstown, NJ




Whippany, NJ


Long Hill, NJ


Long Valley, NJ


Long Valley, NJ


Morris Plains, NJ

Morristown, NJ


Summit, NJ


If I missed a place you love, please share in the comments or shoot me an email! Wanna meet for a beer, I'm open to that too-lol. Cheers!


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